How To Book A Sea Walk In Andaman
  • 30 Dec 2021
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How To Book A Sea Walk In Andaman

The Andaman Islands' Sea Walk is the most unique and magnificent experience available. It's an activity that combines the best aspects of scuba diving without requiring constant diving and swimming.

Sea Walking, one of the most popular activities in Andaman. It is an enthralling experience that is very different from other water activities. It is the ideal approach for non-swimmers to appreciate the marine richness and beauty. It's also one of the safest excursions because you'll be accompanied by lifeguards the entire time. This stroll is open to people of all ages, ranging from 7 to 70 years old.

Imagine being able to walk on the ocean floor as if it were land, without the need to balance or swim continuously. You can take a relaxing walk on the ocean floor, surrounded by live corals up close, and marvel at the underwater beauty.

You may enjoy the amazing underwater biodiversity while being surrounded by hordes of colorful fish and critters, creating lifelong memories.

How do you go for a sea walk?

You have to wear a big glass dome that is attached to an oxygen tube. You'll be dropped to the seafloor once you've learned about the safety precautions. Well, you can also simply walk about the bottom and marvel at the magnificent underwater ecosystem.

Sea Walking is available at North Bay Island.

Best Sea Walk Locations in Andaman:

While Andaman provides a wide range of water sports, sea walking is something that can only be done in the most ideal conditions.

North Bay Island's

Despite the peak-hour traffic that comes with being so close to Port Blair, the sea walking on North Bay Island is quite well planned.

North Bay Island's waters appear to form a natural aquarium. To ensure your safety when sea walking, the area has been netted. This is the location where the sea walking takes place. Initially, the adventurers are informed of the technique.

Havelock Island Sea Walking

Havelock Island, in the Andaman Seas, is a popular tourist destination. The sea around Havelock Island has a lovely aqua blue to navy color in some spots and a sparkling blue-green color in others. Havelock Island's Elephant Beach is well-known for its variety of water sports.

With white fine sands and dazzling blue waves, the beach seems dreamlike. Because of the rich flora and fauna in the colorful coral reefs off the shore of Elephant Beach in Havelock, the seas are suitable for sea walking.

The variety of corals seen here is simply astounding. The beautiful types of sea animals that play on the coral reefs are also amazing. Sea walking provides access to this diverse underwater ecosystem, allowing visitors to appreciate the beauty of the ocean floor that is otherwise concealed from view. It is necessary to register ahead of time for a sea walking excursion on Havelock or North Bay Island.

Other Additions

● To save your memories, take underwater images of your dive.

● Hats are a good thing to have in your bag.

● Shoes that are easy to walk in

● The cloth that is both comfortable and stylish

● The second pair of clothes

● Sunglasses

● Sunscreen

● Card of Identification


How it Works:

● During your Sea Move, you will be led through a training lesson where you will learn some suggestions on how to walk correctly within the water and how to communicate using hand signs.

● Then, for normal underwater breathing, a helmet-style breather with a transparent front will be comfortably attached to your head and connected to the rest of the device.

● Following the setup, you will be escorted to the Walking-Spot and gradually pushed inside the water, with broad netted boundaries for optimal safety.

● A team of Sea Walk guides will accompany you on your journey to ensure that your experience is secure, hassle-free, and unique.

Don't miss Sea Walk in Andaman-

Instructors that are well-trained and experienced. There are a number of the greatest and most experienced teachers, as well as strolling shoes, to provide a safe and memorable sea stroll experience. To make your activity memorable, all safety equipment and gadgets will be provided in the vicinity, as well as sea walk instruction. You're safe and secure with specialists because they may also live with you when you dive to the sandy backside of the ocean at a depth of roughly 3 meters.


An underwater sea walk, for example, can let you discover a hidden world of marine species. The place has great to offer you. Underwater life is full of joy and pleasure. Nobody is bothering anyone, and the occupants of aquatic life are the best. You must go on a sea walk at least once in your life to see aquatic creatures in their natural habitat. Get more details from TryTrabby and make your journey memorable!