Andaman And Nicobar Beaches
  • 03 Jan 2022
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Andaman And Nicobar Beaches

Andaman And Nicobar Beaches is known for its swaying palms, smooth white sand beaches, magnificent mangroves, and captivating tropical rainforests. Andaman is an amazing beach tourism destination in India that will help you relax and unwind while also allowing you to spend time in the numerous calm and pristine areas nearby.

Andaman And Nicobar Beaches

The beaches of the Andaman Islands are perfect vacation spots for individuals who are tired of the constant and stressful bustle of city life. You can also relax on the beautiful beaches of Andaman Island, including Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island, Ross and Smith Island Beach, Guitar Island Beach on Guitar Island, Wandoor Beach on Port Blair.

This well-known treasure in Andaman is unquestionably India's beach capital. While on your beach vacation, the Andaman Islands can help you relax and unwind, allowing you to spend time alone with nature and solitude. As a result, this is a great getaway in a remote place where you may not only relax but also participate in watersports on the Andaman beaches when the mood strikes.

Banana boat rides, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, undersea strolling, and other beach tourism activities are available in Andaman. You can also engage in high-adrenaline watersports such as jet skiing, speed boating.

For water activities, certain areas are overcrowded. Others are popular with tourists, so you may expect to see a crowd here as well. However, there are a few hidden treasures that are tucked away from the crowds and provide just about all the seclusion you require.

Andaman & Nicobar Beaches

Badabalu Beach

Badabalu beach stands out from the usual Andaman beaches due to its isolation from the general tourist crowd. The ocean is a cool shade of blue, and the sand is a brownish brown. It's not always a good thing when there aren't many people around. It's nice to see someone now and again to remind yourself that you're still connected to civilization and that someone is around in case of an emergency.

Aamkunj Beach

This beach, which is adjacent to Rangat, has been developed into an eco-park that is ideal for both tourists and locals. This beach is not ideal for swimming.

Chidiyatapu beach

Chidiyatapu Beach, popularly known as the 'Nightfall Point' or 'Flying Creature Island,' is a small island off the coast of South Andaman about 30 kilometers from Port Blair. If you want to see a beautiful sunset, here is the spot to go. Chidiyatapu gets its name from the fact that over 50 endemic birds can be seen here at dawn and dusk. Also, if you enjoy collecting shells, you will undoubtedly find your treasure here. This is one beach you definitely must visit, from the seaside trees to the sunset behind the hills. It is one of the best beaches for bird watching in the Andaman Islands.

Bharatpur Beach

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands' Neil Island is surrounded by stunning white sand beaches named after figures from the Ramayana. Neil's beaches can be included in an Andaman honeymoon package. The Bharatpur beach is the one closest to the jetty. One of the nicest beaches in the area for lengthy walks and swimming. Book a seat on a glass-bottom boat to see the undersea biodiversity through the transparent water. Colorful fish swimming through a spectacular display of corals and marine vegetation is a sight you will not soon forget.

If you're looking for some peace, head to the Lakshamnpur beach, which is roughly two kilometers from Neil Island's jetty. It also serves as an entrance to some stunning natural rock structures, which is called as a Natural Bridge.

North Bay

When the twenty rupees Indian banknotes featured an image of the lighthouse seen here, the Andaman & Nicobar Islands' North Bay beach became famous. It is popular among travelers with limited time due to its proximity to Port Blair. Passengers can go to North Bay and back by boat from Aberdeen jetty in Port Blair. The North Bay is recognized for its rich coral and marine life, in addition to its beach. It is most famous for Water sports activity area.

Lalaji Bay Beach

At Lalaji Bay Beach, the turquoise water and white sparkling sand create a very appealing scene. It is one of the nicest beaches in Andaman, with green coconut palms and abundant marine life. You're in for a heartwarming experience!

Laxman Pur Beach

If you enjoy seeing the colors change as the sun sets, Laxamanpur Beach is the place to be. The beautiful beach in Andaman is packed throughout the evening, with distinct colors of orange, yellow, and red dotting the skyline. Another important element is that a few lucky people may be able to see a sea cow. Collect the seashells and save them as a keepsake.

Kalipur Beach

A trip to Kalipur Beach will undoubtedly enchant you with breathtaking views of Saddle Peak. Nothing beats a romantic evening spent walking hand in hand along the beautiful coastlines with your significant other. Witnessing turtles lay eggs is another experience that you will never forget. In addition, at one of Andaman's eccentric beaches, watch as newborn turtles are released into the water.

Mark Bay Beach

Merk Bay Beach, one of Andaman Island's lesser-known beaches, delights with stunning views of the surrounding area. A day vacation to this white-sand beach typically includes beach walking and boating. You won't be compromising your privacy during your Andaman honeymoon because the island on which this beach is located is populated.

Sitapur Beach

Some of the nicest beaches in Andaman may be found on Neil Island, renamed Shaheed Dweep. One of them is Sitapur Beach. The immaculate beach is known for its lush greenery, white sand, blue ocean, and abundance of nature. You may also take the best shots with an incredible backdrop. In addition, the beach is known as 'Morning Beach' because of its stunning sunrise views.


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