How to book light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail
  • 04 Feb 2022
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How to book light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail

Do you require a light and sound show booking facility at Cellular Jail in Port Blair, India? If yes, then you arrived at the correct page. The sound and light show at Cellular Jail give you a feel of the reality of the prisoners who were transported from all over India. Not only is this a great educational experience for children, but it is also an opportunity to get a sense of what the freedom fighters went through during their imprisonment.

If you are planning to visit Port Blair, nearby tourist sites of Indira Point and Havelock Island, don't forget to book at Cellular Jail a light and sound show. Operating from 6 pm to 8 pm, the sound and light show is a mesmerizing experience. The show depicts the lives of freedom fighters imprisoned in this stronghold. In the beginning, there is a historical precedent that attracts interest, followed by musical recitals created especially for the historical setting.
The colorful multimedia presentation is fascinating, and it educates visitors about the Indian freedom struggle.

The Cellular Jail located at Andaman and Nicobar Islands is known for its haunting-dark colored walls that surrounded many brave freedom fighters. Today, it is a well-known attraction in Port Blair and is one of the Top Tourist Destinations in India. Cellular Jail was used by Britishers to suppress the rebellious people captured from all parts of India during the early 1900s.

Due to its utmost importance as a symbol of the Indian freedom struggle and its notorious history, Cellular Jail is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Andaman islands. There are bookings made with TryTrabby.

With catchy songs and a brilliant narration, this sound and light show will bring a smile to your face. The show is performed in English, Hindi, and Tamil. Attending the light and sound show at cellular jail will not only make you learn about the history of India's freedom movement but will also take you back in time. It is a great gift for both young and old alike.

Light and Sound Show

You can book a light and sound show at Cellular Jail on your visit to Port Blair. This is a traditional show with sound and light technique that integrates information and narratives with the medium of light. While this jail was not just a prison, it is often referred to as the place where brave freedom fighters were detained. The light and sound show, which explains the untold stories of Indian independence, is an ideal way to learn about the struggle for freedom from British rule.

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Book the light show at Cellular Jail to relive the battle for freedom. Visit the historical place and hear about the struggles of our forefathers firsthand. Over here, you will see a display of light and sound showing everything from how it was built to who it was named after. The regular power switch gets flipped to daylight, and each cell is decoded with colorful displays of lights! Come get your tickets to book a Light and Sound show at Cellular Jail. Book your tickets early before they sell out.

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