How To Go To The North Bay Island From Port Blair
  • 03 Jan 2022
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How To Go To The North Bay Island From Port Blair

North Bay Island is noted for its amazing natural beauty, magnificently beautiful coral reefs, up-close views of the undersea marine life, and, of course, the Andaman Islands' distinctive white sand beaches. The coral reefs are one of the island's most valuable assets, as well as a major Andaman tourist attraction.

Because of this, the island is also known as Coral Island. It's impossible to describe the bizarre beauty of it all. Words and even images can't begin to describe the awe that comes with experiencing such breathtaking natural beauty.

Apart from its well-known underwater corals, this island also offers some thrilling boat rides. So, even if you aren't a great fan of water sports, you may still have fun exploring this fascinating island. Taking a boat ride around North Bay Island is perhaps the finest way to see the island. This glass-bottom boat tour allows you to see the marine environment, plants, and reefs up close. Another enjoyable pastime that introduces you to the colorful world of the sea is sea walking.

This island, located 14 kilometers north of Port Blair, is an excellent choice for rushed travelers.

A visit to this island will take up half of your day. Visitors should arrive at Haddo Jetty to get ready. It's also a good idea to bring some food and beverages with you.

How to go to the north bay island from port Blair

The journey begins at the Andaman water sports facility, where you will board a boat to North Bay Island. The distance between Port Blair and North Bay Island is approximately 14 kilometers. This tour will also take you through the lovely Ross Island, which is known for its old settlement ruins.

Ross Island is 40 minutes away from North Bay Island. Following Ross Island, the boat will travel to North Bay Island, which is the perfect location. There is a plethora of activities available, ranging from scuba diving and snorkeling to glass boat riding.

Best time to visit North Bay island

Even though the Andaman Islands are a year-round tourist destination, certain months are considered to be more favorable than others. If you're thinking of visiting North Bay Island, you should do so between October and June. This time frame is not only perfect for sightseeing, but it also provides a wealth of chances for water sports.

North Bay Island has a moderate tropical climate with very few temperature changes throughout the year. North Bay Island's summers are hot and humid. This is also a fantastic season to participate in water sports. It's still a great time to go diving or touring because there's no rain.

The temperature ranges from 25 to 32 degrees Celsius throughout the summer months. Winters on North Bay Island are mild, ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. If you're considering a honeymoon trip to the Andaman Islands during the winter, North Bay Island is one of the best places to go.

Things to do at North Bay island

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is one of Andaman's most popular pastimes, and the North Bay Island is one of the greatest sites to try it. Beyond the shallow seas above the shoreline, lies one of the richest and most diversified underwater worlds in the world, providing a fantastic diving experience. The underwater currents are mild, and some of the world's rarest fish species can often be found there.


North Bay's shallow shoreline makes for a good snorkeling spot, as it's largely covered in vivid corals and sea life. Although you are not permitted to bring your equipment to conserve the corals, you may simply have hours of underwater fun by contacting a vendor on the island.

The good news is that TryTrabby, has a boat service and knows some of the better snorkeling spots surrounding North Bay Island, so it's worth a shot. Snorkeling is inexpensive and ideal for those on a budget who are visiting the Andaman Islands.

Dolphin Glass Bottom Boat:

This ride is ideal for those who don't want to get wet or for families who want to go on an adventure together. The boat departs from the jetty and sails around the islands, exploring the sea.

The tour enables you to explore the oceans by flying through the waves and allowing you to see the water through a transparent bottom, providing a memorable and pleasurable experience for all. The activity is suitable for both children and the elderly.


Ques- How long will we be able to stay on North Bay Island?

Ans- Though one can spend as much time as they like in this alluring region, the entire island can be explored in a single day. You can spend your free time visiting nearby sites like Ross Island and Port Blair, which are both noted for their natural beauty and adventure sports.

Ques- What is the best way to get to North Bay Island?

Ans- The route to North Bay Island begins at the Andaman water sports complex in Port Blair, and it takes boat to reach North Bay Island from there.

Ques- Is there an entry fee for visiting North Bay Island?

Ans- There is no entry charge to visit North Bay Island. As a result, you can enjoy this spectacular location without breaking the bank.


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