How To Travel To Andaman And Nicobar Islands
  • 03 Jan 2022
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How To Travel To Andaman And Nicobar Islands

How to Travel Andaman Island? If so, a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Islands may be ideal. This area has some of the most stunning beaches in Asia, as well as a variety of activities that will appeal to people of all ages.

Andaman is one of nature's most gorgeous locations. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are ideal for anybody searching for a fresh experience. Andaman Island is also known as the Andamans or the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and it is one of the most beautiful islands in Asia.

Travelers may expect to be surrounded by lush jungles and unique animals such as monkeys and elephants. It also has some beautiful beaches with minimal development, making you feel like you're on your little island! Apart from that, the location has an intriguing history, and all of these factors should entice you to arrange a trip to Andaman.

Andaman's History

When we go to a new location, we usually delve into its history to have a better understanding of it. And the journey to the Andaman Islands is no exception. While researching the history of Andaman, I discovered several fascinating facts about this island.

The fact that Andaman was a British prison colony during the colonial era is well known, but the locations seem to have historical records dating back further.

• It is unknown when the first people of these islands arrived. Andaman was thought to have had a population over 30,000 years ago. The first archaeological evidence goes back 2,200 years.

• From 1014 to 1042 AD, King Rajendra Chola I of the Chola Dynasty was the first to settle these islands and establish a naval base from which to conduct operations against Indonesia's Sriwijaya Empire.

• Later, the islands were taken over by the Danish East India Company, which ruled them until 1868. Finally, in 1869, the British East India Company acquired these islands and established a prison colony on them.

Andaman's top tourist attractions

During the journey to the Andaman Islands, we discovered that the destination is appealing to both traditional visitors and backpackers. We'll start with the obvious and work our way out to the unusual.

The city of Port Blair

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman. It is also the biggest town and the point of entry for all of the other islands. So, most likely, your journey will begin here.

The town has a few points of interest, including the Cellular Jail, the Samudrika Marine Museum, and a water sports facility, among others. If you wish to go to the beach, you may go to Corbyn's Cove Beach. Water activities are also available here.

Top sightseeings in Andaman

Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu is around 30 km from Port Blair and is well-known for beautiful sunsets and bird viewing. A day journey from Port Blair to Chidiya Tapu is possible.

Chatham Saw Mill

Chatham Saw Mill is Asia's oldest and biggest sawmill. However, this is not the only reason you should go to the sawmill. The mill's history begins in 1789, when Lt. Archibald Blair arrived at Port Blair to establish a British colony, primarily as a deportation center for prisoners. Previously, the sawmill served the requirements of the west.

Ross Island (Netaji Subash Chandra Boss Island) & North Bay

Ross Island is another location that will take your breath away. This island was the former capital of Andaman until 1941 when it was devastated by an earthquake. For almost 80 years, Ross Island served as the headquarters of the Indian Penal Settlement.

There were marketplaces, bakeries, shops, a workshop, a water distillation plant, a chapel, a tennis court, a printing press, a secretariat, a hospital, a cemetery, an open-air theatre, and other facilities on the island. As these things are still there and the visitors can see the dilapidated structures.

North Bay Island and Ross Island are often combined in a single day. And North Bay island is famous for all the Water Sports activities, and the travelers can get the wonderful Water Experience.

Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep)

Havelock Island is the most popular and gets the most visitors, and it will be a highlight of your Andaman vacation. Havelock Island is known for its gorgeous, clean beaches, turquoise water, and some of the finest diving spots in South Asia.

Radhanagar Beach is regarded as one of Asia's most beautiful beaches. You may tour the island by renting a car or cab from TryTrabby. Havelock Island is also a backpacker's paradise.

Neil island

This lovely island is a backpacker's dream. The brilliant blue sea waves and golden sandy beaches are very appealing. Neil Island has a natural bridge in addition to its beautiful beaches. Shaheed Dweep, also known as Neil Island, is a tiny island that may be explored in a single day. You may rent a ferry here, like you do in Havelock, and explore the island.

Baratang Island

The island of Baratang is located between the islands of South and Middle Island. Beautiful beaches, mangrove streams, limestone caverns, and mud volcanoes may be found here. Baratang Island is about 100 kilometers from Port Blair. Come here only if you want to explore the unknown and aren't put off by the long hours and terrible circumstances of the trip.

How to Travel Andaman Islands?

Port Blair serves as the island of Andaman's main entry point. You may get to Port Blair via Airplane and Ship.

By Air: Flights to Andaman are available from all major Indian cities.

By Ship: If you want to experience life at sea, you may go to Port Blair by ship from Kolkata, Chennai, or Vishakapatnam. It takes around four days to go to Port Blair.

Flights are therefore the most convenient way to travel to Andaman.


That's all we have for your vacation to Andaman. Book your tickets with TryTrabby to Andaman for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Believe me when I say that visiting this lovely island and learning its mysteries will be a thrilling experience! Please let us know if you enjoyed the article by leaving a comment below. Save it to your Pinterest board for later reading.

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