Limestone Cave Baratang
  • 27 Jan 2022
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Limestone Cave Baratang

If you've done any research on the finest tourist attractions in the Andaman Islands, you've probably come across the limestone cave of Andaman. Is it, however, worth your time? Continue reading to learn more.

The most popular sight in Baratang is the Limestone Caves. The thought of visiting a cave in an island destination is exciting and daring, therefore its distinctive features are the first reason why people are drawn to it. Limestone formations can be seen throughout the Limestone Caves. The temperature of the cave is cooler than outside. Beautiful formations can be found in the cave. "Your mind will give face and name to these formations while witnessing them," a guide once said as he led inside the cave. That seems fascinating, doesn't it? Limestone is extremely soluble, which means it dissolves quickly.

How do you go to the Limestone Caves?

You will board a boat after arriving at Baratang, which may accommodate 6-8 people depending on the size of the boat. This boat will depart from Baratang, and after 5-7 minutes of sailing, you will see the mangroves and their breathing roots, which serve as a natural doorway for the boat to traverse the waters amidst the mangrove area. This journey to the Limestone Caves will be guided by the boat operator.

After completing these little steps, the boat will be anchored along with a wooden bridge that leads to a few steps, where you will view the entrance to the Lime Stone Caves at Baratang. While taking you on a tour within the cave, the guide who teaches you about it will give you a lecture on the cave's significance and history.

What to expect when you visit the Limestone caves-

Get ready to wake up early -

Take the time to appreciate the beauty around you once you've gotten over the grumpy experience of getting up at a strange hour. You'll be passing through lush rainforests in Andaman, with trees producing a beautiful canopy at times. The various colors of green will astound you. Because the road runs through the Jarawa reserve tribal zone, Vehicles are not allowed to halt. To go to Baratang, you'll have to cross a creek on a vehicle ferry at Middle Strait after about an hour. The ferry voyage is around ten minutes long, after which you must disembark at Nilambur Jetty to obtain a free pass to Baratang Island.

Vacations are the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep and have a relaxed Sunday every day. However, if you choose to visit the Limestone caves, you will not be disappointed. This is due to two factors. If you stop at Port Blair, the caves are around 100 kilometers away. You must first travel to Baratang via road, which will take you through a forest reserve.

Limestone Caves: Some Interesting Facts

● Baratang Island's limestone caves are a natural beauty.

● The limestone structures ascend from the caves' floor and descend from the caves' roof.

● The limestone has naturally created a variety of patterns during the deposition process.

● The shape of these limestone structures is not permanent. They've been changing for a long time.

● The Limestone Caves are ornamented with distinct flora and fauna that captivates visitors.

● Tourists visiting the limestone caverns by car must travel in convoy via the Jarawa Tribal Reserve.

● These limestone structures can be found running from the cave's floor to the ceiling and vice versa.

● On these rocks, you'll find a vast range of calcium deposit patterns.

● These limestone formations do not have a fixed shape and are constantly changing throughout time.

● Around the caves, you'll encounter rare flora and wildlife that will dazzle your eyes.

● You'll probably see members of the violent Jarawa tribe on your trip to the caverns. Please refrain from communicating with them.

Right Time To Visit Limestone Caves In Andaman

The best time to see the caverns on Baratang Island is from September to May. In any case, this is the best time to visit the Andaman Islands. There are few chances of rain, and the weather is comfortable. As a result, your visit to the caves will not be hampered. Because it is illegal to enter the caves after dark, you should complete the trek during daylight hours and return to your starting point before the sun sets for your protection.

Travel Tips For Limestone Caves In Andaman

● To make it to the island in time, get up early. The island of Baratang is a wild location. As a result, remaining there after dark is not advised.

● Because you will be walking a lot inside the caves, wear breathable clothing and hiking shoes.

● If you are claustrophobic or have a fear of small spaces, you should not participate in this activity.

● Tribal people live on the island of Baratang. You are not permitted to communicate with them or take their photographs in any way, otherwise, you may face severe consequences.

● This task will take an entire day to complete. So, if you're planning a day trip to Baratang Island, don't include any other activities on your itinerary.

● The cave's entrance and exit are identical. As a result, you'll either have to make room or wait outside for your turn to enter.



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