Where Can I Book Water Sports in Andaman?
  • 11 Jan 2022
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Where Can I Book Water Sports in Andaman?

Trip To Andaman

Trip to Andaman is to relax and discover their diversity. Bring your swimsuit because the island offers a plethora of exciting water sports. Adrenaline seekers come from all over the world to try their hand at various water sports in the Andamans.

The Andaman Islands' marine life is abundant, and seeing magnificent underwater species is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The clear, tranquil waters make it a great place to try a variety of water sports in the Andaman Islands.

If you enjoy water sports and the sea, this vivid and tropical paradise is a haven for you. A journey to the beautiful islands of Andaman will allow you to discover the sea of wonders at its best, from snorkeling to scuba diving. Best of all, you don't need to know how to swim; nonetheless, you must have the courage to dive into the sea while wearing a life jacket.

The best time to visit is after the monsoon, between November and May, when the sky is clear and the water is calm and safe.

The Most Exciting Water Sports Activities in Andaman

Banana Boat Rides

As you take this exhilarating and entertaining banana boat ride in Andaman, hold on tight. It is attached to a speed boat to collect the dash, making it even more exhilarating. Don't be alarmed by the topsy-turvy turns; the boats are entirely safe, and life jackets will be provided. In addition, you will be accompanied by an instructor who will ensure your safety.

Game Fishing-

Game fishing can provide you with a fantastic marine adventure as well as many wonderful memories and photographs! Game fishing is a sport in which you go out into the sea and feel the waves beneath your boat, waiting for your bait to capture some huge fish and then release them back into the sea. Try this if you want to learn something new while having fun on a speedboat.

Where to try– Game fishing expeditions may be booked in Port Blair and Havelock.

Best For– Those searching for an exciting day at sea and those who enjoy or want to learn to fish.


Kayaking is the relatively best activity in the Andaman Islands. Paddling your kayak through the mangroves while listening to the sound of water and taking in the tranquil scenery is an unforgettable experience. A day kayaking tour or a night kayaking trip is also available, with the latter being the most popular because the water glows with bioluminescent plankton.

Kayaking in Havelock is a relaxing adventure through the mangroves.

Havelock Island is a good place to start.

Best For: Those seeking a relaxing sea experience.


If you've never tried snorkeling, you won't know what you've been missing out on. While enjoying one of the best water sports in Andaman, see the underwater marine life and the rarest corals at North Bay Island.

Elephant Beach, North Bay, carbyon's Beach and JollyBouy are the best places to visit.


Always inspect your equipment before entering the water.

Undersea Walking – Walk Among The Fishes

Another fantastically enjoyable adventure sport in Andaman is underwater walking. There is no need for prior training or complicated equipment, and you will be able to walk on the smooth and clean sand of the seafloor while wearing a helmet that provides a close-up view of the underwater world. It's no surprise that it's one of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands' most popular water activities. So, are you looking forward to doing an Underwater SeaWalk in Andaman?

It's also absolutely safe because the instructors are always on hand. You could even keep your glasses or contact lenses in place, and your elegant haircut would not be ruined. Elephant Beach & Northbay is one of the best sights in Andaman for a SeaWalk.

Best Place: Elephant beach

Tip: Always wear a helmet before the underwater walk


Seakart is one of the newest water sports to hit the Andaman Islands. It's one of the most exciting and simple water sports to try. Three persons can sit in a Seakart. The ride is guided and controlled by a professional instructor. During the journey, take in the stunning views of Port Blair's coastline. You'll have 30 minutes to travel from Corbyn's Cove Beach to Ross Island and back.


In the Andamans, parasailing is one of the most exhilarating pastimes. At Corbyn's Cove Beach and Elephant Beach in the Andaman Islands, you may go parasailing. This activity allows you to see the gorgeous island from a unique vantage point. The professionals examine all of the safety precautions in place to keep you safe and sound during the trip.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Andaman is one of the most enjoyable diving experiences available. Swimming past bright corals, wonderfully patterned fish, and seabed gardens in completely silent seas are part of the sport. The silver sands of these magnificent islands are hugged by playful ocean waves and are ideal for diving persons. But if you dare to venture deeper, you'll discover a new world beneath the waves that will astound and dazzle you.

Jet Ski

A Jet Ski ride is one of the best ways to get an adrenaline rush in the Andaman Islands. This ride is available on Corbyn cove beach, Elephant Beach, and the Water sports complex. If you enjoy adventure sports and speed, this thrilling water ride will provide you with the ultimate adventure experience. It is unquestionably the greatest alternative for you if you are unsure about participating in other underwater activities. Make your holiday unforgettable and enjoyable by participating in this water activity, which guarantees the most thrilling experience.

Dolphin speed boat

The Andaman Dolphin glass boat ride is a unique experience in which you will glide with us over the Andaman Sea, explore, and be fascinated by the beautiful corals and abundant life beneath the surface. These trips are designed for those who do not want to participate in adventure watersports like scuba diving or sea walking. The magnificence of the underwater corals can be easily enjoyed from the Andaman Dolphin boat.
This thrilling water sport is available at Elephant Beach, where you may join a high-speed glass-bottom boat for a thrilling tour across the Andaman Islands. Without getting wet, explore the underwater reef. This excursion can also be completed once you have arrived on North Bay Island.

FAQs for Trip To Andaman

Ques- Is scuba diving in the Andaman Islands safe?

Ans- Yes, scuba diving in the Andaman Islands is completely risk-free. In truth, if you're accompanied by a qualified driving instructor and using high-quality equipment, even deep-sea diving in the Andaman Sea is quite safe.

Ques- Is Scuba diving in Andaman is possible for non-swimmers?

Ans- Non-swimmers can also do scuba diving in Andaman because introductory scuba diving does not require swimming.

Ques- Is it safe to stroll on the beach in Andaman?

Ans- Yes, it is safe, anyone from the age of seven to seventy can go for a sea stroll. Underwater sea walking is not permitted for anyone with cardiac issues, asthma, or pregnant women.


We have listed everything about water Sports in Andaman. TryTrabby will guide you in every possible way. Go ahead and enjoy your thrilling experience!