Banana Boat Ride


Why to visit Banana Boat Ride?


One of the water sports most sought after on Havelock Island in Andaman & Nicobar Islands is the Banana Boat Ride, where a high-speed banana-shaped boat transports guests away. This activity is a wonderful journey to make memories of your family and loved ones. A banana boat excursion is a more relaxed escape to explore more the area on Havelock Island if the high-octane activity is not your bag. We provide the best Banana Boat Ride Tour packages for groups of two to six people at Elephant coastline, picking you up from your hotel to ferry you to some of the most picturesque sites on the island. Tourists are given an adequate briefing to ensure safety and comfort before taking the banana ride.

When it comes to acceleration, banana boats, which have a banana-like form, are linked to a speed boat and use the same principles as the latter. Elephant coastline Banana Boat Ride allows you to travel the waves. The central seating line has two sides on each side to support the thighs. Visitors may expect an exciting, adventurous, and unforgettable journey across the seas, with the essential safeguards to ensure a safe journey for all travelers. To minimize sudden jumping, the banana tube is tied to a boat. When tourists have lifejackets and safety instructions, proceed to our representative's banana boat trip, where you can enjoy sunbathing, water dips, and a terrific time. Wait for 1-2 kilometers on a banana tube boat carrying 7-10 people and feeling how it is sprinkled. The banana boat is topped by skilled guides to the jet ski, and the speed of the ride is unfathomable.

On Havelock Island, the Elephant coastline is full of waves and unexpected jumps that make it a fantastic place to enjoy water sports. Visitors can expect to feel the strength of the turquoise water on a banana ride and get soaked with water. Around 5 to 12 people can enjoy a single banana tube and it is a whole experience thanks to big waves.

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