Boat Diving


Why to visit Boat Diving?

Boat Diving Havelock

Diving from a boat differs significantly from diving from the beach. With the help of an underwater breathing device (scuba), which is fully independent of surface supply, you can drive off the boat and explore the best undersea treasures. This activity is supervised by a professionally trained Divemaster who accompanies each participant on his or her own.

With your Divemaster, you will dive underwater in the coral reefs of Turtle Beach and the lighthouse during your boat diving experience in Havelock. You will be needed to wear a diving suit, and you will be provided with all other necessary equipment. On-shore safety training and underwater communication procedures are part of the program. 


  • Boat ride to the dive spot
  • Diving equipment
  • BCD Jackets
  • Oxygen tank
  • Dive suit (Dry clothes)
  • Divemaster escort
  • Changing room