Glass Bottom Boat Ride


Why to visit Glass Bottom Boat Ride?


Elephant Beach is located on Havelock Island's northern coast. It is a famous tourist site among locals and tourists due to its clean sands, sparkling waters, and sea waves. At Elephant Beach in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, take a Glass Bottom Boat Ride to see the underwater beauty. The Glass Bottom Boat ride provides a unique Andaman experience by allowing you to see and explore the rich corals and marine life from the comfort of your cabin. The trip is a peaceful experience that allows you to get up close and personal with various marine species while remaining safe behind Glass. A glass-bottom boat ride at Elephant Beach on Havelock Island is a thrilling and enjoyable sport.

The trip allows you to get up and personal with aquatic organisms under glass in a safe setting. A glass-bottom boat ride on Havelock Island is thrilling and fun. The sight of amazing and vivid corals further into the ocean is a beautiful underwater experience that may become a lifetime remember. It's one of the safest methods to experience underwater paradise. The new glass-bottom boat has a strong spheroid-shaped window. The Glass allows visitors to see sea turtles, corals, and other marine life.

Exploring the undersea world is possible on Havelock Island glass bottom boats. The glass-bottomed boats resemble dolphins. Learn about the fascinating organisms that inhabit the glass-bottomed coral reefs. The vivid and dramatic corals are amazing. The underwater experience can bring you a lot of joy as you dive deeper. Get your life jackets and directions to Elephant Beach during the boat voyage. Enjoy the distant lighthouse of Havelock. Once there, take a glass-bottom boat ride into the crystal blue seas to see the colorful fish and corals. A glass-bottom boat trip can provide you with life-long memories. Come experience the Andaman Sea by glass-bottom boat. The glass bottom ride allows tourists to observe the Andaman Sea's underwater world.

Havelock Island's glass-bottom boat ride offers a magnificent view into the mesmerizing world of corals aquatic life from the comfort and safety of international standard speedboats. This is the only one of its sort in India; the only other one is in Australia. The boat glides across the sea and has a glass bottom, allowing passengers to see everything.

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