Sea Walk


Why to visit Sea Walk?

Sea Walk

Elephant coastline is the site of the first seaside walk on Havelock Island, which took place a few years after the Sea Walk was established. Sea Walk at Elephant coastline is located on Havelock Island and is famed for its coral reef and snorkeling opportunities, as you may already be aware of Elephant coastline's reputation. For those looking for a more immersive reef experience, the Sea Walk on Havelock is a popular choice. While you are making use of Elephant coastline's Sea Walking, we would want to hear about your experience.

During this journey, you will receive a complimentary underwater photograph while traveling by sea. Furthermore, no prior swimming experience is essential for this activity.

The tour includes a sea walk at Elephant coastline as well as complimentary photographs. Some so many people who come here to catch the brilliant memories in their camera and take back memories for a lifetime.

When you arrive at Havelock’s Elephant coastline, the beginning of your wonderful journey will begin from there. The pontoon stationed on the Sea Walk will transport you to the Elephant coastline after you've arrived at your destination. Wait for your turn to utilize Sea Walk before continuing. The Sea Walking Experience for the first time and is dependent on the time slot that you have been assigned. To make the most of your underwater walking tour, professional guides will accompany you. Return to the Elephant coastline later on, after the Sea Walk has been completed. Your boat will take you back to the Elephant coastline pier after you have finished your tour.

While doing so, make sure you have towels and an extra set of clothes on you at all times. On the Sea Walking boat, there are changing rooms accessible for use. It is more like moonwalking than sea walking, and it is a unique experience in India.