Why to visit Snorkeling?



Snorkeling in the Andaman Sea is perfect for tropical seas; it is peaceful, warm, and clear with a fantastic array of marine life. Andamans snorkeling can be enjoyed all year long.

Snorkeling is the activity of swimming on the surface of the water while using a tube, which is known as a snorkel (or snorkel mask). It is used when the wearer's mouth and nose are submerged with a swim fin or flippers sometimes used. Using this equipment allows snorkelers to enjoy aquatic sites for longer periods with reduced effort. A well-known and pleasant activity is to be found in the Andaman Islands.

Snorkeling in the Red Skin Island

Close to Jolly Buoy, Red Skin Island is a twin-island that may be reached by boat. The locale is a spectacular natural setting with breathtaking beaches on all sides. The beaches are beautiful and have beautiful blue water that is easy to see through, allowing for an enjoyable time below the surface. There is a wide variety of fish and coral on the reefs. No other Andaman Islands’ location matches the diversity of corals, making this a superb location for snorkelers. One must take a ferry from the Wandoor beach and acquire authorization from the forest department to go snorkeling near the shore.

Snorkeling Activities in Jolly Buoy Island

Jolly Buoy is a wonderful choice for both expert and novice snorkelers in the Andaman Islets. The islet is somewhat diminutive and features several water sports centers with reasonable snorkeling prices. The Andaman coastline is covered with corals, which all host different types of fish. Water flows through the area near the shoreline without mixing the water and sand, which makes the water clear. To access the islet, all voyages must be taken by ferry or boat from the Wandoor Jetty. You can be certain your snorkeling expedition will be enjoyable because the package covers tickets, ferries, permits, and snorkeling equipment. Tourists traveling alone must get a special permit from the forest department for snorkeling. Jolly Buoy only operates for six months of the year, from April to November.


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