Sofa Boat Ride


Why to visit Sofa Boat Ride?


The Elephant Beach is the hub of all water sports in Andaman, thus it's logical to use the sofa here too.

The Sofa Ride from the coast to the open sea at elephant beach takes you around 400 meters and allows you to wave along the coast with massive waves excellent for big lifts and sky draws. Although the excitement here is better than the water sports complex, it may be a bit costly and a little teenage to get to the elephant beach since you have a boat there.

Sofa Ride is one of the most popular casual watersports in Andaman. The ride might also be a balanced trip of fun and thrill, with just the appropriate quantity of splashes to make it a pleasurable experience for families. Zooming through the clean, blue waves on the best of an inflatable sofa boat could likewise be entertaining and exciting. If you don't know about the trip, often you're going to be sitting on an inflatable couch boat and you can pull it behind the jet skis. It's really exciting since the forceful waves thrust your head. Yes, this journey is completely safe to relieve your nervous nerves.

When combined with a speed boat, the Sofa Boat becomes a powerless, inflatable recreational vessel that looks like a sofa and provides the thrills of a speed boat. Sofa Ride may also be a fantastically entertaining experience for family and friends, and it is completely risk-free. While floating on an inflated sofa while the water rises around you may sound like a beautiful idea, the most important aspect of this activity is that children and individuals of all ages may easily participate in it without feeling unsafe. When an educator, an experienced rider, lifejackets, and helmets are used in conjunction with the sofa, it is completely safe for everyone.

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