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Why to visit Elephant Beach?

Swaraj Island (Havelock Island)

 Elephant beach boat  ticket

Elephant Beach is famous for the boat ride on Havelock Island. It is a well-known destination and the craft ride from the Havelock Islands jetty to Elephant beach. These crafts or ferries that carry you to Elephant Beach will also take you back to Havelock's jetty.

The rides are continuously monitored, and the craft's sailing can fluctuate depending on the weather. Riding from Island to Beach is restricted to a small number of crafts. The shore features white sand shores and a spectacular coral reef that begins at less than a meter depth.

Almost every traveler is enticed by the shore's beautiful sand shore and blue waters. The craft rides to shore, which passes by the lighthouse, are breathtaking.

Your boat ride from Havelock to Elephant beach is detailed here.

When you arrive at Island jetty, your adventure begins at the time specified. To avoid the peak rush hours at the seashore, we recommend starting the trip early.

Your adventure begins at the Jetty, where you will board a craft for your trip. During your sea journey, passengers should wear the accompanying safety jackets. To go to the seashore, the boat will travel through the sea. The Havelock Island Lighthouse will be visible along the way. You can spend a couple of hours on the seashore after you arrive at the seashore. Swimming is another activity that you can partake in.

 Customers are occasionally given free snorkeling due to government laws. The complimentary snorkeling, on the other hand, varies from season to season. If you're lucky, you'll be able to take advantage of free snorkeling throughout your vacation.

If you intend to visit the coast, please bring appropriate clothing. The coast has a few basic changing rooms.

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