Elephant Beach Trekking Tour


Why to visit Elephant Beach Trekking Tour?

Elephant Beach Trekking

A different means of arrival, in case tourists prefer to experience the magnificence of the islands, is to trek to Elephant Beach. The knowledgeable local expert who's familiar with the terrain joins you on the TryTrabby and remains with you when you return. You should expect to spend between 30 and 45 minutes to complete the trek, depending on how quickly you move.

To get to Elephant Beach, we need to cross a patch of marshland and mangrove forest, covering roughly 300 meters. The guide assists you during this, coming up with solutions for you. We begin our dive early in the morning when the weather is pleasant.

When you get to Elephant seaside, you stop to rest and get comfy. You may pay for snorkeling on the spot, according to your interests. During our trek, we always pack a few beverages. It's possible to get an umbrella whenever you need one, and it won't cost you anything more.

The sort of lovely towns that attract the rich can be found at Port Blair. The people in this town know their servers and restaurateurs by name. You'll enjoy this town and the nearby island tremendously. This is a part of India that consists of 572 islands. 37 islands, which are inhabited, are a bunch of islands located near the intersection of the Bay of Bengal. The Andaman Sea is situated to the east, while the Bay of Bengal is to the west.


Havelock Island's white sand beach is known as Elephant coastline. The journey, which only features boat access from Havelock's port or a trek through thick jungle and grasslands, is something of a hardship. Snorkeling and banana boat excursions are two water sports that may be enjoyed on the Andaman Sea's beaches. At the Elephant shore, a splendid view of the Andaman Sea awaits. This paradise, which contains all the elements of the Andaman—sun, sea, and sand—can serve as a wonderful illustration of this region.

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